Tammisaaren Energia Oy: Promoting the uptake of electric vehicle services in the western Uusimaa region

Intelligent and more cost-efficient charging points will be installed and operated in order to reduce the cost for electric vehicles in the western Uusimaa region. Reducing the cost will speed up and promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the region and the action will also stand as a show-case for other rural and suburban regions in Finland. The goal is to commercialize the product in this way in all of Finland.

Intelligent electric energy storages will be installed to operate with existing and new charging points for electric vehicles, thus making the charging point intelligent for private owners. The energy storage control system will monitor the power outtake from the national grid to reduce the power tariffs for the owner of the charging points. Power outtake can be reduced by discharging the electric storages during times when the power load from the national grid is high due to simultaneous charging and other electricity consumption. This will essentially lower the peak electric power output from the electric grid during the charging of electric vehicles.

Ready-made components will be mapped and the assessment of suitability will be conducted. Also, the level of needed software programming and configuration to combine charging points and energy storages as defined in this action has to be mapped. The ready-made components will be combined and necessary amount of system design and programming will be conducted to produce the first version of the affordable intelligent charging point.

Scaling up

After necessary amount of development and re-testing, the solution will be disseminated on a wider scale to third parties and commercial partners. The system developed during the action will be owned and operated by Tammisaaren Energia Oy. The other partners will be users of electric vehicles and owners or holders of the charging points.

It’s expected that there will be 2,000 new electric vehicles driving 20,000 km per year which will reduce the CO2-emissions by approximately 4,800 tons annually. The regulating energy saved due to this action will approximately be 4,000 MWh and the reduction of CO2-emission will be approximately 2,000 tons annually.

Time frame

January 2019–September 2024

Additional information

  • Business Development Manager Markku Nordström, Tammisaaren Energia Oy, firstname.lastname@tammisaarenenergia.fi, tel. +358 50 454 3224
Published 2019-02-20 at 14:10, updated 2020-01-03 at 8:19