The network of Hinku municipalities growing at record pace 2019-07-05
A record-breaking number of new municipalities have joined the Hinku network this year. At the moment, there are 55 Hinku municipalities in Finland, with a total of over 1.3 million residents, which is over 20% of all Finns.
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Ilkka Sipiläinen
The Church takes an ambitious step in climate work 2019-07-01
At the start of the year, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland published a progressive climate strategy. Climate work will be done in parishes through the energy renovations of churches and the food served at confirmation schools and by protecting carbon sinks.
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Poika kiikaroi
A small climate work miracle 2019-06-26
What makes the residents of the tiny municipality of Ii reduce the energy consumption of their homes, switch the village hall over to geothermal heat and inspire the schoolchildren in the municipality to solve the energy challenges in their schools? In the municipality of Ii, the residents are the heroes of climate work.
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Climate emissions under the microscope – more accurate emission calculation for Finnish municipalities 2019-06-26
The goal of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is to calculate the amount of climate emissions of all Finnish municipalities as well as their development during the past 15 years. Emission calculation provides a starting point for the municipalities’ climate work.
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Published 2019-05-10 at 12:29, updated 2019-10-30 at 12:41