Low-carbon mobility solutions and services in Hyvinkää

The subproject of the city of Hyvinkää contains four subtasks, which concentrate on developing low-carbon mobility and carbon-neutral urban planning. The aim is to increase the parcel of walking, cycling and public transport and to multiply the number of electric cars owned by the residents of Hyvinkää. Carbon dioxide emissions are expected to decrease 25% from the actual levels until the year 2025 and 50% until 2030.

Promoting sustainable mobility

Walking, cycling and public transport are promoted within the mentioned subproject in the area of Hyvinkää. The purpose of the task is to gather the population, companies and other operators to a collective creative process. In 2007, an open contest of sustainable mobility called Hackathon was organized. The participants were challenged to build up a service or a concept that would help to increase sustainable mobility in the city of Hyvinkää, according to the pre set parameters. The mobile application Säästöpäästö, which was designed to encourage cycling, was chosen as the winner. In the Canemure-project, the ideas are taken forwards to a practical level. A second edition of the Hackathon event will possibly be organized.

Bicycle sharing

The intent of the subproject is to create an open bicycle-sharing system for the residents of Hyvinkää and for the people who work in Hyvinkää. The city of Hyvinkää has started a co-operation with local business companies. The first pilot-project of shared bicycles was carried out with Konecranes in the autumn 2018 and the next pilot will be launched together with the Hospital of Hyvinkää and Keusote during the summer 2019. Within the subproject, a search for new, interested companies will be launched, with the aim of expanding the experiments and the introduction of bicycles in Hyvinkää. Electric bicycles and other special bicycles can be included in the experiment case-by-case.

Carbon-neutral urban planning

The subproject is going to assess the location of different residential areas from the perspective of low-carbon mobility. The subtask will study, inter alia, promotion of conducts of sustainable mobility in different areas, as well as the importance of location efficiency, carbon sinks and ecosystem services. It will also concentrate on the importance of functions, situated in the area, in service of living, thus decreasing the need for mobility and also on different ways of producing energy. Special regulations for building will be taken into account as well as low carbon emissions during building and utilization. As a result, a description will be composed on how carbon-neutrality can be taken into consideration in the city plan process and how to define the operational reports and goals related. The area of Nummenpää, outside of the central core of the city (area 1 on the map) and Hangonsilta, the station area in the city centre (area 2 on the map) and the new main line station location near Palopuro, serve as benchmarks.

Hyvinkää urban planning

Carbon-neutrality in public transport

In the subproject the climate perspective is brought strongly into consideration in organizing public transport. The concession of local public transport of the city of Hyvinkää expires in the end of 2020. In establishing a new concession, public transport will be examined from the viewpoint of low carbon emissions and concrete tasks will be recognized to foster the matter.


11/2018 – 12/2023

Contact persons:

Transport Engineer Kimmo Kiuru, tel. +358 40 754 7110

Head of Planning Anitta Ojanen, tel. +358 40 155 4221

City of Hyvinkää, firstname.lastname@hyvinkaa.fi

Published 2019-06-05 at 10:20, updated 2019-06-05 at 10:20